We take our name seriously. We seek to be an expression of God’s alternative community and be ‘good news’ where right where we are. We’re working with other agencies to break down divisions and build meaningful community in the Westgate area and beyond, where there is little or none.

Throughout the year ICC hosts events that gather the community for celebration and relationship such as Heroes Parties on Halloween, Christmas Celebrations, Easter Saturday community days.

icc seeks to partner with other churches in Ipswich particularly in social action projects operated under the Heart for Ipswich banner (networkipswich)These include:

ipswich soup kitchen

This started in 1992 and operates in Tower Street near the bus station every evening 8-9pm. Members from ipswich community church form one of fourteen church-based groups that are on the rota to help and serve food. In addition to handing out soup and sandwiches, the kitchen tries to provide bedding when it can, although it is often in short supply. If you would like to help or just find out more then please visit the website.

ipswich town pastors

Several icc members participate in the Ipswich Town Pastors. project, some as town pastors, others as members of the prayer-support team

Town Pastors working in pairs, wearing bright distinctive jackets and headgear, are out on Friday & Saturday nights from 10pm until the early hours. They provide a positive influence in the town – backed by prayer. As Christians, Town Pastors care, help, show concern, and assist people where appropriate. Town Pastors are available to offer support to vulnerable people, help to defuse potentially-difficult situations, and work with other agencies via the Town Link Radio to promote safety.

ipswich winter night shelter


IMG-iwns_logo-scaled    IMG-selig-suffolk-scaled

Ipswich Winter Night Shelter, coordinated by Selig Suffolk Trust , provides an overnight shelter during December to March. It is hosted each night by one of seven town centre churches of which icc is pleased to be one . The shelter accommodates up to twelve people per night. We provide a warm and safe place for our guests.

Guests can freshen up, enjoy a hot nourishing dinner, spend the evening in a warm and safe place, share time in friendly company, sleep in a clean and comfortable bed and eat a good breakfast in the morning before they depart for the day.

The following film helps to share the vision and work of the Winter Night Shelter: