sunday celebrations

These take place at 10.30am each week at the church centre. They:

  • commence with tea and coffee; they:
  • provide an opportunity for the whole church family to get together for contemporary-style praise and worship and relevant bible teaching; and they
  • serve as a good first introduction to the church, visitors being very welcome.

Children and young people leave the adults part way through each celebration for activities and teaching geared to their age group. We operate a crèche for under-5’s

Breaking of bread (communion) takes place on the 1st Sunday of every month

friendship groups

Church life during the week revolves around relating together in small groups, each comprising up to 15 people. These are called ‘Friendship Groups’ because they are mandated to pursue three simple objectives – friendship with God, friendship with one another and friendship with people who are not-yet-Christians. Their activities include prayer and worship, reflecting on and seeking to begin implementing the previous Sunday teaching, and social and recreational times. Newcomers to the church are welcome to get involved.

the westgate community

We take our name seriously. We seek to be an expression of God’s alternative community and be ‘good news’ where right where we are. We’re working with other agencies to break down divisions and build meaningful community in the Westgate area and beyond, where there is little or none.

We also run regular Alpha Courses which provide an excellent opportunity to make new friends as we explore together, informally over a meal, whether there might just possibly be more to life than this